Portland Tribune Recognizes the ‘Architects In Schools’ Program and CSCS’s Involvement

Toby - Architects in SchoolsElizabeth Thompson’s and Morgen Kelm’s fourth and fifth graders of the Cottonwood School of Civics and Science took part in the ‘Architects In Schools’ Program thanks to Jeff Slinger, mechanical engineer and senior project manager at Andersen Construction and CSCS board member. Their work together this year culminated in an exhibit of architecture built by students at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) on May 23, 2018.

An article was written about this for the Portland Tribune, by Joseph Gallivan, titled “Another Brick in the Wall, Architects in Schools program stimulates students to think outside the box.” and here is an excerpt:

“Toby Staggs of Cottonwood School said he was into Lego and Minecraft, and had enjoyed building the native shelter, the wickiup. He said he wanted to be an inventor, and his favorite YouTube maker channel is Five Minute Crafts.


The 4/5 grade blend teacher at Cottonwood, Elizabeth Thompson, said she raided SCRAP for building materials, which were mostly popsicle sticks and craft paper.

Her professional was Jeff Slinger, mechanical engineer and senior project manager at Andersen Construction. He has been working for several years with SRG Architecture on the Knight Cancer Research Building, which is close enough for the Cottonwood kids to walk to for a field trip.”


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