SW News: The Cottonwood School is Honored with 2019 SOLVE Award

SW News

Article Title: "South Waterfront School Honored with SOLVE Award"

Date of Article: 04/01/2019

Article Author: Laura Stanfill


SOLVE, an Oregon nonprofit dedicated to environmental stewardship, has named Cottonwood School of Civics and Science its Youth Group of the Year for 2019. The whole school, kindergarten through eighth grade as well as staff, do an annual Willamette River cleanup in the South Waterfront neighborhood as part of its Earth Day celebrations.


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Author Bio:

Laura Stanfill is a novelist, an award-winning journalist, and the publisher of Forest Avenue Press. She earned a full scholarship to the 2018 Yale Publishing Course from the Independent Book Publishers Association and Publishers Weekly designated her as a 2017 Star Watch honoree. She founded the Main Street Writers Movement in 2017 to encourage writers to build community at the local level. Laura Stanfill is also a board member of The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science.

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