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Oct 25-29
Arts Park Run Activity Week
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Friday & Monday, Oct. 29 & Nov. 1
Goal Setting Conferences – No school for students



Nov 2nd
BIPOC Family Gathering



Nov 10th
Board Meeting



Nov 12th
Professional Development for staff,
NO School for Students!



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Volunteering at Cottonwood 2021.22 School Year

Submit  background check form to school. Printed forms are available at the side garage door during drop off and pick up.


Provide school staff with proof of vaccination. Please bring your vaccination card with you when volunteering for the first time. School office will copy and record.


This is a fun and flexible way to get your volunteer hours in from home!  If you have interest in this position please read more below and reach out to kathyprice [at] or your classroom teacher to sign up.


Extended One Week – Pledges are now due Oct 22.

A message from our incredible Arts Park Run Committee:

Dear Families,

Welcome back to school! It’s almost time for our annual fall fundraiser: The Cottonwood School Arts Park Run! This year, like everything else, is going to be a little different. We’re calling it the Arts Park Run Twilight Zone Edition: Part Deux because it’s going to raise money for more than just the Arts program, it won’t be at Caruther’s Park and your child doesn’t even have to run, if they don’t want to!

So what will it look like?

Kids choice! Your child gets to choose their favorite physical activity. They can run, bike, hike, jump rope, skateboard, dance. . . anything they love to regularly do!

Pledges: On September 24th, you can begin taking pledges! Here is a link to the online pledge form! Pledges can be given as a flat, one-time pledge or in 5-minute increments (for up to one hour of activity). If you prefer a paper pledge sheet, you can pick one up by the door at school (Monday – Friday 9-4pm). If you’d like it emailed so you can print at home, let us know at artsparkrun [at] Pledge form submissions should be completed/returned Friday October 22 at Midnight (NEW!).

 Arts Park Run Week is NOW October 25-29 (Extended!): One whole week to do one hour of physical activity dedicated to the Arts Park Run! During this week, your child dedicates one hour (all at once, over a few days or even 20 minutes each day) to doing their favorite physical activity to raise money for our school.

    1. Please record which activity they did and the amount of time they did it for online Activity Log. This will be sent via email and on the CSCS Parents Facebook page during the week of the event.

    2.  Take a short video of your child doing their Arts Park Run activity and submit it to artsparkrun [at] We will make a compilation video to share when we celebrate as a school in December!

    3. PLEASE NOTE: Only ONE HOUR of activity  will be eligible for the Arts Park Run donations.

    4. Donations: After the event, please direct your sponsors to the school website using this link: Here they can complete their donation using your student’s name. We will email each family a list of their sponsors, drawn from your pledge form submissions, so you can easily contact each sponsor. If you receive cash or check donations, please donate online for your donor or contact us at artsparkrun [at] for more information. Collect all donations by November 12th to ensure your child is in the running for prizes. Donations made after November 12th will still support our school but will not be counted towards prizes.

Please join us in reaching our goal of $21,000! We hope that each family will participate in the Cottonwood School Arts Park Run to the best of their ability. With 205 students, if each child raises at least $105, we will achieve our goal!

There will be Prizes! We are still working to figure out how to do prizes virtually and as a community, so stay tuned!

Cottonwood School Parents for a Chemical Weapon Free Neighborhood


UPDATE: Opinion: Report on federal response to Portland protests first step in needed overhaul by US Senator Ron Wyden



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Grade 6, Civil Rights in Portland

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Each family is expected to volunteer 24 hours (per student) throughout the school year and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone willing to give the time. Examples include (but are not limited to):


Benefits of Volunteering 🙂


  • You are setting a good example for your child
  • When parents get involved, children do better
  • You are helping your community
  • Meet other parents

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