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The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science

A Place-Based, Public Charter School in Portland, Oregon


To provide a creative learning environment where students develop a sense of place and become stewards of the natural world and active citizens within our community.

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Place-Based Education in Action

Before they began the trimester, we asked this 1st/2nd grade class simple questions about rivers…

Place-based education is a way of taking the walls down between school and the community.

7th graders identify a problem in the community and seek out policy-based solutions.

Community Partnerships

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Portland Parks and Rec
Mirabella Retirement
PSU Archaeology
Rice Museum
Friends of Tryon Creek

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Stories From the Field

7th-8th FW Update

May, 2020 Fieldwork Update

Fourth and Fifth graders have learned about different indigenous tribal communities. 6th grade has adapted quite a lot to at-home learning. Students have been exploring algebraic patterns and geometry with easy to find materials. The 7th and 8th graders have been looking outside for their place-based project this trimester.

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Kindergarten: Change

April 2020 Fieldwork Coordinator Update

School in the spring of 2020 is for Cottonwood students as it is for children all over the world: different. For the past six weeks, our small school has worked to negotiate the contradictory concepts of “remote learning” and “place-based education.”

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4th/5th Grade Fieldwork

Nov / Dec 2019 Fieldwork Update

7th/8th graders trekked to Oaks Bottom wildlife refuge, 4th/5th grades have been laying the foundation for a year-long study of American History through an Indigenous lens. Geology is the place-based focus for 3rd grade. Kinders have been exploring the topics of identity, family, and art.

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