The Cottonwood School Directory

The team at CSCS is made up of exemplary teachers and administrators with a deep understanding of

Place-Based Learning and passion for growing our amazing community!


Amanda McAdoo


Sarah K. Anderson

Fieldwork Coordinator

Susan Hathaway

Academic Director


Noelle Eaton


Nesa Levy

Grade 1/2

Angie O’Brien

Grade 1/2

Fawn Morosky

Grade 3

Morgen Kelm

Grade 4/5

Daniel Enberg

Grade 4/5

Lisa Columbo

Grade 6

Emily Conner

Grade 7/8

Chris Wyland

Grade 7/8

Natalie Hutcheson

Phys. Ed./Health

Melissa Allen

Art Teacher, K-5

Lisa Eisenberg

Art Teacher, 6-8

Office & Support Staff

Kathy Price

Teacher’s Aide/Community Life

Santigie Fofana-Dura

Teacher’s Aide

Karen Bennett

Accounting Administrator

Bruce Thom

Business Administrator

Jenny Crain

School Secretary

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